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How do I carry out a trade on the online brokerage platform?

Here are the three ways to trade:   

  1. On the online brokerage platform via your computer   
  2. On the direct brokerage app
  3. By phone with our team of experts at 1-800-363-3511.  

To place a trade on the online brokerage platform, view the tutorial "How do I place an order to buy securities?" or follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in through 
  2. Click Buy or Sell at the top of the page.  
  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the account in which you wish to carry out the trade.  
  4. Enter the symbol and quantity in the buy or sell order form that appears.  
  5. Enter the desired quantity.  
  6. Using the dropdown menu, choose the desired price type: Market, Limit Price or Stop Buy. Note that a market order is shown by default.  
  7. Click Submit. 

The mobile app enables trading in equities and ETFs. Other types of securities will be added shortly. The "Buy / Sell" features are also available on the app's home screen or when viewing a security.  

  1. Connect to the direct brokerage app.
  2. Click Buy or Sell .
  3. Select the product (Equities and ETFs only - Other products available soon).
  4. Search for the security.
  5. Select the account from which you will pay for the purchase or deposit the funds.
  6. Enter the quantity.
  7. Select the order type (Market Order, Limit Order or Buy/Sell Stop Order).
  8. Click Continue .
  9. Review the information, then click Confirm and send.

Please note that fees may apply for phone transactions. Consult the applicable fees on our Pricing page. 

Welcome to National Bank Direct Brokerage and thank you for joining us to learn how to place a buy order on our trading platform. Once signed in you will notice four buttons on the right-hand side of the page, one of which is the buy button. Please note that they will always be present regardless of which section you navigate to.

By clicking on the buy button a trade ticket will appear, let’s take a few moments to look over the trade ticket. We can change it to sell from buy, we can select the account that we wish to make the purchase in. Once selected the cash balance is now shown and in our case this is a margin account. We also have the buying power as well.

The default setting for the type of investment is stocks and etfs but from the same trade ticket you can also trade investment funds previously known as mutual funds, options and fixed income securities as well.

The next step is to type in the name or symbol of the security you want to purchase for our example we will select National Bank of Canada symbol NA and once selected you will notice that the trade ticket has become a lot more active. I now have a full name and symbol and the flag before the symbol shows you the security trades on a canadian or u.s exchange.

On the right hand side of the trade ticket we have a real-time quote with the bid and ask price and number of shares available at that price and other useful information that can be refreshed by clicking here. Now the next step is to indicate the quantity which will be one share.

NBDB clients can also select the condensed version of the trade ticket by clicking on the double arrows shown here. One advantage of this view is that you can continue to navigate throughout the platform while having the trade ticket open. Also by clicking here you can minimize it as well to free up additional space.

Now if you wish to go back to the default view simply click on the double arrows again. Going back to our transaction the next step is to select the price type clients of National Bank Direct Brokerage have three options. The two most commonly used are market and limit orders.

Let's begin with limit order or limit price which allows the investor to specify the maximum price that they are willing to pay to purchase the security. In other words, you want to purchase a security at a price that is less than the current price. This also means that there is a chance your order may not go through if the security doesn't reach your price.

Let's go ahead with our example, currently National Bank is trading at about 90 dollars but let's say that 87 is the max price that I want to pay. In the limit box i'll type in 87 and then i'd need to select how long the order is good till, by default it's a day order but I can select a specific date up to 60 days out.

Click on the calendar icon to select your date then submit the order. A new screen will then pop up called order summary which will give you a second chance to review the order. On the right hand side you'll notice that the approximate transaction value is shown and our zero commission pricing.

If everything is correct, then the last step is to click on confirm and send order. If actually sent the order will remain open until it's filled or will expire if the price isn't reached now let's go back to our trade ticket so we can place a market order.

This time the price type will be at market a market order means you want to purchase your stock right away at the current market price. Click on submit and we are now in the order summary which we've already viewed. If no changes are required, then we simply click on confirm and send order. We are now in the current orders window and here we have our order that has been filled and at which price.

Let's also go to our account holding section where we can see that our one share is now included in the portfolio. This concludes our video on how to make your first purchase with National Bank Direct Brokerage for any additional information please view our other youtube videos or reach us by our secure messaging center.

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