Greater security with the single sign-on user ID



Change your NBDB user ID in less than 2 minutes! You can now connect to our platform with your email instead of your 8-digit code. To get started, sign in and click on the yellow banner that appears at the top of the screen.


Your email user ID will be valid for National Bank (NBC) platforms1 and will allow you to access enhanced features at NBDB. This single sign-on will also be required to access our direct brokerage app.

1National Bank Personal Banking, National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB), Private Banking 1859 (PB1859), National Bank Financial (NBFWM).


If you are a National Bank client, you must use the same email identification and password as your online bank.



Use a single email and password for all your National Bank platforms. 


Multi-factor authentication gives you enhanced security.


Navigate from your online bank to your online brokerage platform with a single click. 


View your brokerage account and trade on the new direct brokerage app.

How to create your NBDB online sign in?

Are you a new client? With a few clicks, create your user ID to access the online brokerage platform.

How to change to the single sign-on user ID?

Check out our guide to help you through the process of creating your email user ID.

Once the change to single sign-on is completed, you must use your existing or chosen email address and password to sign in your NBDB account.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

For NBC clients who already have access to our Personal Banking Solutions,  you must use the same password as for your banking platform (My Online Bank). All other clients must enter the password that was chosen during the switching process. 

  • Simplify your life. Use a single login and password for all your NBC platforms. Once the change to single sign-on is completed, you must use your chosen email address and password to sign in your NBDB account.

  • Double your account security. Multi-factor authentication gives you enhanced security.

  • Enjoy a seamless experience. Navigate from the NBC platform to your NBDB online banking account with one click.

  • Access the mobile application. View your NBDB client account and trade on the new mobile app.  


  • Individual NBDB customers who have an 8-digit user ID can obtain a unique email user ID. 

  • The 8-digit user ID is maintainted at this time for legal entity accounts (company accounts), joint accounts, and special accounts (guardianship, trust, etc.). The unique user ID will be available at a later date. 

The User ID change will be offered in several waves over the course of the year. Once eligible, clients will see a yellow banner appear at the top of their NBDB account.

The new user ID is the email address you selected and is used for all other accounts you have with National Bank (National Bank Personal Banking, Direct Brokerage, Private Banking 1859 (PB1859), National Bank Financial (NBFWM). 

No. Unless a change is detected in your usual login method (different device, login from abroad, etc.) by checking the "Remember me" box, the security code will not be required at each login.

Consult our guide to change your password.

Contact 1-800-363-3511 option 4-1

The new app is now available. The single sign-on email User ID will be required to access it. To learn more, visit the mobile app page

Once you have completed the User ID change, you must use that same email ID and password to access your NBFWM or PB1859 platform.


We’re here to answer your questions. 

Chat bubbles icon with a question mark and the National Bank logo

Write to us via the secure Messaging centre accessible in the online brokerage platform. 

Call us at 1-800-363-3511, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm ET.

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For more general questions, chat with our virtual assistant at the bottom of the page or check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).