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A first look at the Recognia tool


Get the three tools in the Recognia suite free of charge to weigh your decisions and explore new investment ideas. Learn more about Technical Insight, Value Analyzer and Strategy Builder.

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A first look at the Market-Q tool


Market-Q is an integrated tool that shows prices in real time so you can seize market opportunities as they arise. It also offers sophisticated fundamental and technical analysis features.

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A first look at the ETF Centre tool

ETF Centre

Choose Exchange-Traded Funds (EFTs) based on industry, management style, annual fee, underlying assets, historical performance and currency.

Perform quick searches using a symbol or keyword. View an ETF's features and composition on a single page.

Track ETF price fluctuations with customizable graphs (frequency, period, indicators or volume)

A first look at the Decision-Plus tool


Decision-Plus helps you develop tailored investment strategies using three distinct tools: MarketVisionPlus, TraderPlus and

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Asset mix

Asset mix

Build your ideal portfolio by comparing your current assets with a target portfolio.
Run simulations to help you build your ideal portfolio.
Keep an eye on your portfolio's performance.
Performance tool

Performance tool

You can see a detailed breakdown of the performance of each of your accounts in a number of ways: by account, consolidated, for a specific period or for cumulative periods.

View the real return (return – risk-free return) using the Sharpe ratio for every unit of risk (standard deviation).

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