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Discovering the new trading platform

Why have you changed the online NBDB platform?

To make it more streamlined and user friendly. For example, you can now display the asset details for multiple accounts at the same time, and placing a trade is just a click away.

Is the classic version of the platform still available?

Yes. The classic version will be available until further notice. You can access it by clicking on Back to the classic version at the bottom of the page.

Will my username and password remain the same?

Yes, they will remain the same, but your username will not be displayed automatically on the new sign in page. We therefore invite you to make note of it and to save it once again when you first sign in to the new platform.

Are all of the old platform’s features available on the new one?

The new platform is still evolving. Most features from the old platform are available, but some have not been added yet. 

What do I do if the old website was saved to my favorites?

The old transactional site’s login page is still available. This Summer, you will be redirected automatically to the new platform when you access it. However, we recommend adding the new address to your browser’s favorites once it is available.

Will my personnalised functionnalities be saved on the new platform?

No. Only your delivery preferences will be saved. You will need to reconfigure the other items that you had previously customized.

How can I place a trade on the new platform?

By choosing the account in which you want to place the trade and clicking Buy or Sell at the top of the page. A trade ticket will open allowing you to enter the symbol and quantity. A market order is indicated by default, but you can modify it to set a limit price and change the expiration date.

If I saved my username and password on my browser, will they still be saved when I sign in to the new site?

Although your username and password will remain the same, they will not be displayed automatically on the new sign in page. You can save them once again when you first sign in to the new platform. 

How can I transfer funds?

At the top of the page, click on Transfer. You can transfer funds between selected accounts.

Using the trading platform

How do I sign up for the online trading platform?

To sign up: click Client Access and then Sign up (at the top of the page). Then just follow the steps as they appear on the screen.

How do I sign agreements online?

Enter your full name. This replaces your handwritten signature and has the same legal standing.

How can I view agreements in French?

A link to the French version of each agreement is available below the introductory paragraph.

What are the username and password requirements?

  • The 8-digit username is generated by our systems and cannot be changed.
  • Your password must not contain your name.
  • It must include at least 8 alphanumeric characters (including at least one letter and one number). Passwords are case-sensitive.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have a personal account, just click Forgot your password? to reset it. If you don't have a personal account or have not previously set up your security questions, call us at 1-800-363-3511, option 4.

I entered my login details, but nothing happened. What can I do?

Try restarting your browser. If the problem persists, call one of our representatives at 1-800-363-3511, option 4.

For the past few days, I've been getting a message stating that the site is unavailable. What should I do?

If the problem persists, try clearing your cookies and temporary files. If you are not sure how to proceed, one of our representatives can help. Call 1-800-363-3511 and choose options 4 and 2.

Can I access all my brokerage accounts (joint accounts, company accounts, trust accounts, etc.) in the same place?

You can access all your accounts under the same user code. To add an account, call a representative at 1-800-363-3511.

I've signed in, but I can't see all my accounts. What do I do?

Use the drop-down menu in the Summary section to select the account you want to view.

If you don't see this drop-down menu, call a representative at 1-800-363-3511.

How can I confirm that I've logged out securely?

When you log out, the following message will be displayed:


How do I set up alerts?

Simply sign into your account and click on Tools, then Alerts.

What are the requirements to be considered a securities professional?

You are considered a securities professional if:

  1. You are registered with or given the right to practice by one of the following organisations :

    • Provincial securities commission
    • Securities Exchange Commission
    • Commodities Futures Trading Commission
    • Any government, state or provincial securities agency
    • Any association or stock market
    • Any commodities or futures market

  2. You exercise the profession of "investment advisor" as defined by the securities legislation of a province or state (whether or not you were registered or certified).

  3. You are employed by a bank or financial institution exempt from registering under federal and/or provincial securities legislation, where your role requires you to be certified or registered if you were previously employed by another non-exempt organisation.



What's the Dow Jones Morning Briefing? How do I sign up?

The Dow Jones Morning Briefing is a daily newsletter produced by the Dow Jones team of analysts exclusively for NBDB clients. It will keep you up to date on market trends and in touch with the latest developments.

To consult it, sign into your brokerage account and click on Quotes & Markets, then Dow Jones Morning Briefing. You can also subscribe to receive the Dow Jones Morning Briefing by email. The link is accessible below the newsletter.

Trading online

How do I place trades in my NBDB account?

There are two ways to trade:

Online, via your computer, mobile device and smart phone; or by calling a representative. Get more information on our trading tools.

You could save on fees by trading via digital channels.

What investment products can I trade online without calling a representative?

The following products are available online:

  • Stocks and exchange-traded funds
  • Options
  • Federal, provincial, municipal and corporate bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-traded debentures

To trade the following products, you will have to call a representative:

  • Fixed-and variable-rate GICs
  • Linked notes
  • Savings bonds (federal and provincial)

What investment products can I trade with NBDB?

Diversify your portfolio with our wide range of investment products: stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and fixed-income securities.

All these products can be traded online. Learn more about our products.


How do I check the status of an order online?

You can check the status of your orders by signing in to the platform and clicking on Transactions – Current Orders and Instructions.

When I try to trade options, I get an error message. How can I add options trading to my NBDB account?

Simply complete an Options trading request form and send it to our office. We will begin the process of approbation upon reception of the duly completed and signed form.

If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation by mail and can begin trading options.

I got an error message saying that I cannot trade Pink Sheet stocks. What does that mean?

Over-the-counter markets are subject to different rules than traditional stock markets and so you can only place limit orders. This means you must specify the maximum or minimum price at which you are willing to buy or sell.

When do North American stock markets open and close?

North American stock markets (TSX, TSXV, NYSE, NASDAQ) are open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (ET). However, we offer extended trading hours which vary depending on the type of investment for transactions done by phone only.

Do you charge trading fees?

Yes. Fees may apply depending on the type of transaction. Note that commissions are also charged for certain trades, including stocks, exchange-traded funds, options and some mutual funds. Visit our Pricing section for more information on applicable fees.

I don't have a computer. How can I place an order?

You have two options:

  1. Trade via the mobile version of our trading platform. You can place orders from your smartphone or tablet. Applicable commissions will be the same as when placing orders from a computer. 
  2. Call a representative. Note that the commission fee will be higher for orders placed by phone with a representative.

For more information, consult the Pricing section

Book value

What is the book value?

The book value is the amount you invested in a security, including the commission charged for the purchase. It corresponds to the total number of shares held multiplied by their average unit cost.

You can check the book value of your holdings on your portfolio statement or via the online platform.

Can I use the book value for tax purposes?

The book value we provide is intended for information purposes only. You can use trade confirmations, portfolio statements, transaction summaries and T5008 slip for tax purposes, but you must ensure that all information presented is accurate.

For more information about the T5008 slip, please refer to our section on tax slips or to our FAQ on this topic.

What happens if the book value is unknown?

In such cases, the book value can be determined by the market value. This can happen when assets are transferred from another financial institution.

Where can I find the information and documents I need to determine the book value?

This information can be found on your trade confirmations and portfolio statement, as well as on the transaction summary you receive at the start of each year for the previous tax year.

What happens if I don't have the information and documents I need to determine the book value?

Contact customer service. They can do some research and send you the documents you need. An administrative fee will apply.

You should then complete the Book value adjustment form and return it to us by email or fax with supporting documents, if necessary.

Please note that, in the event of an asset transfer, we will enter the value provided by the delivering institution in your account. We cannot verify the accuracy of the book value provided. Learn more.

When is proof required to adjust the book value?

  • For a registered account: a proof is required to justify the adjustment 
  • For non-registered account: it is not necessary to attach a proof to the book value adjustment form.

There is an error in the book value form I provided. How do I correct it?

If you notice an error, let us know as soon as possible.

What to do:

  • Complete and sign a new Book value adjustment form and return it to us by email or fax
  • Include proof of the changes, if required (trade confirmations, portfolio statements or transaction summaries are acceptable).

Note that:

  • We must receive the duly completed and signed book value form to make the changes.
  • You should keep the original proof and send us copies. If you send us the original documents, they will not be returned.

What book value should I enter if different prices were paid for the same security?

The book value is the average price paid for the security.

The book value of my mutual fund is incorrect. Why?

The data are provided by the respective mutual funds company. In case of discrepancy, please return the completed and signed form to our office and we will make the necessary changes.

Why is the book value of my stock position unknowned?

If the book value is unknown, it will be calculated based on the market value. For various reasons, it may not be possible to calculate the market value. In such cases, the value will be displayed as N/A (not available).

Can I provide the book value when I deposit a stock certificate?

You can adjust the book value of your securities at any time. When you deposit a stock certificate at a National Bank branch, just include the completed and signed Book value adjustment form.

I recently transferred shares from another institution, and the book value on my account statement doesn't match my calculations. Why?

We entered the value provided by the delivering institution in your account. We cannot verify the accuracy of the book value provided.

To correct the situation, simply complete and sign the Book value adjustment form and send it to us by email or fax, along with copies of supporting documents, if necessary.

I had 100 National Bank shares in my account, with a book value of $30. I deposited a certificate for 250 shares, and sold 150 shares the next day. Will the book value be adjusted?

The book value in your brokerage account is the average book value of the shares. In most cases, shares are deposited at the market value as at the deposit date. This means the book value will be the average of the 100 existing shares at $30 each and the 250 shares deposited at market value. In most cases, this will result in a book value that does not represent the actual book value.

Simply send us a duly completed and signed Book value adjustment form along with supporting documents and we will make the necessary adjustments

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