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I want to sell securities, but I'm being told that I don't hold enough in my account to place the order. What do I do?

This message means that the quantity of shares offered for sale is greater than the quantity of shares held.

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Check that the account in which you are selling is the one in which you hold the shares.
  • Check if there is a reorganization on the security that could reduce the number of shares (share consolidation).  
  • It may be that a sell order is open for the quantity of shares that you wish to sell. If this is the case, modify the original order rather than placing a new one.

To do so, visit the Current orders section on the online brokerage platform and follow the steps to make this change.

You can also make the change via the direct brokerage app:

  1. Click More at the bottom of the screen, then click Open orders.
  2. From the list of open orders, select the order to modify.
  3. Click Options, then click Edit.
  4. Make your desired changes.
  5. Revirew your changes from the order summary, then click Confirm and send.

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