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How many securities can I add per watchlist? 

You can monitor a maximum of 10 (ten) securities per watchlist.  

To add a stock to a watchlist on the online brokerage platform:   

  • Click Quotes 
  • Enter the desired security then select it
  • Click Add to list 
  • Select the watchlist you wish to add the stock to, or create a New watchlist   
  • Give your watchlist a name, then click Submit   
  • The symbol will be added to the existing list or to your new list

To add a security to a watchlist from the direct brokerage app:   

  • Click Watchlists 
  • Select the desired list at the top of the screen  
  • Click the + icon at the bottom right corner of the screen  
  • Enter the name of the security, then select it from the list

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