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Can I create custom watchlists to track several securities at once?

Yes, you can create watchlists to track your holdings on our online brokerage platform. Our Watchlist section can be found in the dropdown menu when selecting the Markets section. You can also access the Watchlist section via the toolbox at the top right corner of the screen, or from the Quote section.  

To create watchlists from the online brokerage platform click here, or follow the steps:   

  • Sign in  
  • Click Markets 
  • Then click Watchlists 
  • Click Add a watchlist 
  • You'll see all the lists you've created in one place  

You can also add a security to a watchlist:

  • Click Rating 
  • Enter the desired title, then select it  
  • Click Add to list 
  • Select the watchlist to which you want to add the title, or create a New watchlist   
  • Name your watchlist, then click Submit   
  • The symbol will be added to the existing list or to your new list  

From the direct brokerage app:   

  • Sign in 
  • Click Watchlists 
  • You'll see all the lists you've created in one place   

To add a security to a watchlist:  

  • Click Watchlists
  • To delete or edit the securities in a watchlist, click the pencil icon next to the title
  • To add a new security to a watchlist, click the + icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Then enter the name of the security and select it to add it to your watchlist

Welcome to our National Bank Direct Brokerage video on how to create a watchlist. A watchlist allows you to build lists of securities so you can view all their quotes in just a click. To get started, let's click on the "Markets" heading and then "Watchlist" which will be in the lists management page, from where you can create watchlists or view existing ones.

Let's begin by creating a watchlist by clicking on Add a watchlist. The first step is to name the new watchlist, and then submit. Once created, click on the add icon and then add your securities one at a time by typing the symbol in the box that's showing and then selecting the correct one.

Now in the case of securities dually listed on a Canadian and US exchange, choose the one you wish to follow by clicking on it, and it will be added to your watchlist, and a small Canadian or US flag will indicate on which exchange it trades.

If you aren't sure about the symbol, type in the name of the security and select the correct one from the choices on display. At National Bank Direct Brokerage, a client can create up to 10 watchlists and each one can have up to 10 securities included. Let’s look at a complete watchlist example.

Here we have our complete list and the quote information provided within the table is in real time. The information can be refreshed by clicking on the real-time data icon shown here. If you need additional information on a security, simply click it and a quote preview page will appear providing detailed quote information, as well as a chart. Now, if we head back to our previous page, individual securities can be deleted and then replaced by clicking on the trash bin. There is also a buy/sell function integrated into the page. By clicking on either button, a trade ticket will appear with the symbol already added.

Right above we can rename or delete an existing watchlist or by clicking on "Favorite", you select that watchlist as the one that appears at the top

of the page by default.

Now, we also offer a quick watchlist option which will appeal to clients that wish to navigate the website but still have their watchlist nearby.By clicking on the "Toolbox" heading and then clicking on "Quick Watchlist", an attached

window will appear that can be moved around the screen, and it provides a basic real-time quote that can be refreshed as well. You can move between your different watchlists, and this window will remain in place as you move throughout the website. Or if you prefer, the window can be minimized as well.

If you want to return to the main watchlist section, click on the following and then close the window. This ends our video on how to create a watchlist at National Bank Direct Brokerage.

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