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Save on annual administration fees


annual fee1 divided between
all your accounts



annual fee1 if one of the conditions is satisfied


You won’t pay any fees if:

  • you are a young investor aged 30 or under12
  • You have assets of $20,000 or more as of May 312**
  • You participate in a financial program for engineers, teachers,  business, or healthcare professionals
  • You only have an InvestCube account

**The year runs from June 1 to May 31.

Transaction and transfer fees



Withdrawal from TFSA, RESP, RDSP


Electronic Funds Transfer


RRSP3, RRIF or LIF withdrawal


Internal transfer between registered accounts4


NSF cheque5


Excess contribution reimbursement


Wire Transfer, Non NBC Bank Account (by phone only)


Total or partial transfer to another institution (+ commissions if applicable)


Internal transfer between a Canadian or US dollar account.

$9.95/security effective March 10, 2022



Document Delivery



Electronic transmission of portfolio statements,
trade confirmations and tax slips6


Tax slips by mail


Portfolio statements by mail7

$6/quarter/ account root

Trade confirmations by mail8

$2/trade (billed monthly)



Specialized services fees



Administration of restricted shares
(plus commissions if applicable)


Custodial services for a client


Donation or substitution of securities
(max. $150)/transaction


Registration/delivery of certificate


($150 effective March 10, 2022)

Registration/delivery of certificate


($300 effective March 10, 2022)

Deposit of a stock certificate


($150 effective March 10, 2022)

Estate settlement




Other fees



Investigation or confirmation request


Gains and losses report (upon request)9


Covering a debit balance in a RRIF/LIF account caused by a pre-authorized payment10  
(plus commissions if applicable)


Duplicate document11


Duplicates for a third party


Unclaimed accounts/Accounts for which the address has been unknown for at least 12 months and accounts referred to the Curateur public du Québec or a similar organization in another province.




*Depending on the complexity of the client's request, NBDB reserves the right to charge an hourly rate of $50.

The fine print

Calculating administration fees and fee exemptions

1. These fees are applicable to any account root opened before August 23 of the previous year.

Annual administration fees and exemptions are calculated on all accounts held by a client, rather than on each individual account. For example, if none of the fee exemption criteria are satisfied, the annual fee of $100 will be divided between all of the client's accounts.

When multiple accounts are held under the same account root, the annual administration fee of $100 will be divided according to the number of active accounts. The fees will be charged in each active account on a prorated basis. The term “active” refers to any account with a positive balance or within which a security is held. For example, clients with two active accounts will pay $50 for each account. Clients holding three active accounts will pay $33.33 for each account, and so on.

2. The criteria for fee exemption must be met on May 31 of each year to avoid annual administration fees.

Notes on transaction and transfer fees

3. Including Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) and/or Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) withdrawals.

4. This fee is charged when transferring from a LIF account to a locked-in account

5. Including electronic transfers with insufficient funds, NSF cheques, refused automatic withdrawals and stop payments.

Notes on document delivery

6. Upon opening an account, the preselected delivery method for portfolio statements, trade confirmations, and tax slips is “by mail”. Access to our online services is required to change the delivery method for these documents to electronic transmission.

7. If the delivery method selected in your profile for portfolio statements is “by mail”, you will be charged a $6.00 fee on the last business day of the current quarter (i.e., on the last business day of the month in December, March, June and September). The
fee will be debited from one of the accounts you hold under the same root and in the currency of this account. You have until up to 48 business hours before the last business day of the current quarter to change the delivery method to “online” and avoid the mailing fee.

8. If the delivery method selected in your profile for trade confirmations is “by mail”, you will be charged a $2.00 fee per trade on the last business day of the current month for transactions carried out between the last business day of the previous month and the next-to-last business day of the current month. These fees will be debited from the account in which the trades were carried out and in the  currency of the account. You can change the delivery method for trade confirmations to “online” at any time to avoid mailing fees.

Notes on other fees

9. This report is prepared upon request, to facilitate the management of your portfolio. However, your trade confirmations and account statement are the only official National Bank Direct Brokerage documents issued. National Bank Direct Brokerage does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the data contained in this gains and losses report.

10. Including account statements, trade confirmations, tax slips and RRSP contribution receipts.

11. These fees apply if National Bank Direct Brokerage must sell securities in your account to cover a pre-authorized RRIF/LIF payment.

Conditions for applying the new pricing

12. You must be 30 years old or younger to benefit from the young investor pricing. To be eligible, transactions must be carried out through our electronic solutions.

Notes on GST and provincial taxes

GST and provincial taxes are billed where applicable. The commission and fee schedule may be modified at any time. General fees are payable in the currency of the account. Any administrative operation or transaction not specified in the commission and fee schedule may generate additional charges. Other charges may apply, including but not limited to, all re-registration fees incurred from the transfer agent, legal representative or issuing company.

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