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How can I speed up the transfer of my account from another institution or broker to NBDB?   

Some situations can cause delays or prevent the transfer from taking place. Here are a few examples:

  • When sales are required to execute your transfer request.  Processing time and product settlement time may take up to 4 additional business days.
  • The name and SIN (Social Insurance Number) on the transferring account must match the receiving account. 
    For example: a transfer from a joint account to a personal account will be refused. Similarly, a business account cannot be transferred to a personal account.
  • Account in good standing 
    For example: an account with a margin call may cause delays.
  • Accounts must be of the same nature. 
    For example: a non-registered account cannot be transferred to a TFSA.
  • Total transfer of a non-transferable product. 
    In this case, the transfer will be rejected and a second application will have to be submitted.
  • Transfer from a RRIF. 
    The transferring institution must make the minimum payments before proceeding with the transfer.
  • Transfer from a LIF. 
    You must have completed your payments in excess of the minimum for the year with the transferor prior to the transfer, as we will not be able to authorize any new payments.
  • Locked-in plans. 
    Before a transfer request is sent, the account must be opened under the correct legislation.
  • Mutual funds held directly with the fund company, not with your broker. 
    It is important to sign a transfer form for each fund company.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) transfers
    Some financial institutions require applications to be received two weeks prior to maturity.

For more information, contact our team via the Message Centre or at 1-800-363-3511.

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