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Can I trade on Market-Q? 

Yes, the various types of transactions placed on the online brokerage platform can also be placed via the Market-Q tool.  

Watch this tutorial to find out how to place a transaction using the Market-Q tool.   

The Market-Q tool is not yet available on the direct brokerage app.

Welcome to the first of 4 videos on the trading features of Market-Q. In this video, we will give you a brief overview and show you how to place a transaction, modify it or cancel it. Please view our other videos to learn more about the Account Manager section, are 2 advanced transactional options, and lastly how to trade options on Market-Q.

There are several ways to place a stock or ETF transaction directly in Market-Q. One can open an order ticket from the headings by clicking on it. Another option is to drag and drop it into the workspace. Please note you can add multiple tickets to the workspace as well.

One can also create a ticket by right-clicking on the line of the symbol within the Watch List screen and choosing Trade. Now I’m going to show you another option to make the order ticket pop up, which is to enable the double-click action.

To set that up, right click and then scroll down and choose Display Properties, then Symbol Field and check off the Double-Click Action box, scroll down the list and Open in Order Ticket. Once done, click on OK.

Now let’s double-click on a symbol, for example, Telus, which will allow us to open an order ticket on Telus. We then need to choose the account, the transaction, which in our case will be a purchase, the type of transaction that will be a limit price, then you choose the limit price.

Now when choosing the limit price, you can indicate it directly here or click on the Bid or Ask button, and even use the pen icon shown here. Which when clicked on will allow you to increase or decrease the price according to a predefined interval.

For example, let’s go for $0.50 like this. Now all that remains is to choose the quantity, one share, and the expiration date, which by default is for the day but which can be modified by means of the calendar icon for a date of up to 60 days in the future or just click on 60 days.

Be sure to provide a phone number or the Submit Order button will not be activated. Lastly, before submitting, let’s simply look at the panel in general where we can see the real-time quoted information and the Buying Power in the upper right corner.

Once submitted, we see the details of the order and the warnings that are important to read. Please note that on our regular transactional site, the warnings are accompanied by a check box, confirming that the warnings have been read.

This is not the case in Market-Q, so it is very important to read them before confirming the order. Let’s confirm and a pop-up will appear confirming that the order has been sent.

Now to view the order, its status, modify or cancel it, you must go to the Account Manager heading and click it. Then choose the Orders tab and all the orders are displayed. You can then double-click on an order to get the status, details, to modify it or cancel it.

Let’s go ahead and click to cancel it and submit. And the order is now cancelled. Please note that you can refresh the order section of the account manager section with the following icon. This ends our current video and I invite you to view our other videos on the Account Manager section, the Advanced trading options and the one that focuses on options transactions.

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