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How do I link my bank account to make money transfers with National Bank Direct Brokerage? 

When applying for a NBDB account:  

You will be able to link your bank account when you apply to open an account online. It may not be possible to link the account at this time. If this is the case, please follow one of the methods below.  

To link a National Bank bank account:  

If you wish to link a National Bank account, please provide the complete account number (institution #, transit and account #) via the Message Centre or by calling 1-800-363-3511

If the NBDB account is newly opened and the balance is at zero, we allow the link if a specimen cheque containing the following information is provided: 

  1. Your name and address 
  2. Full account number (institution, transit and account number) 

Send us this information, including the specimen check, by e-mail to

Please note that we only accept specimen cheques from your financial institution's secure site. In addition, it is only possible to add one external bank account using a specimen cheque.

To link a bank account with another financial institution and if your brokerage account has funds:

If you have already transferred funds or assets to your account, send us a $25 cheque payable to National Bank Direct Brokerage (write your NBDB account number and bank indexation on the back). 

You can send us your cheque in 2 ways:  

We will deposit the cheque in your brokerage account, and the funds will be frozen for 5 to 8 business days to allow time for the cheque to clear. We can then add the bank account to all your brokerage accounts of the same currency. 

If you would like to link a bank account with another financial institution but do not have a cheque:

If you don't have a cheque, you can provide us with a bank attestation received from your branch: a letter with an official header on which the branch seal confirming the banking information is applied. 

You can send us your bank certificate in 2 ways:  

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