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Our team

National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB) is made up of professionals, some of whom have between 10-15 years of experience in the area of online brokerage. These experts are characterized by their extensive and up-to-date knowledge, by their ability to quickly adjust to innovations and by their ongoing commitment to offer outstanding customer experience.


Investor Services, under Gabriel Dubeau, Senior Manager, agents make up NBDB's front-line service team. In addition to their university education, all of these online brokerage experts received in-firm training on all industry products and services. The agents are carefully chosen on the grounds of their passion for investment, advanced customer service skills and professionalism. Investment agents must constantly update their skills to deliver high-quality support and feedback to investors.

Business Development team members, under Robert Girard, Senior Manager, are primarily focused on developing teaching material and setting up investor training sessions, in the form of virtual presentations, seminars or one-on-one meetings. These professionals with an extensive experience in online brokerage, acquired over the years, work alongside the Strategy and Projects team to develop new products and design NBDB's sales and marketing strategies. The Business Development team plays an important role in helping the National Bank branch network to respond to the needs of an increasingly savvy online investment clientele.


Strategy and Projects team, under Pierre Rajotte, is the creative engine of NBDB. Our professionals are business analysts, programmers and marketing and technology enthusiasts. They stand out for their expertise, their ability to innovate and their will to enhance NBDB's virtual offer. They have a mandate to oversee new product design and enhance our service offering. The team behind our business strategies also stand out for their spirit of collaboration, both with their NBDB peers and with other units of National Bank, with the ultimate goal of better serving our clients.



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