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What is a medallion signature guarantee? What do I do if the transfer agent asks me for the medallion signature guarantee? 

The medallion signature guarantee is a certification stamp that guarantees the authenticity of a signature authorizing a transfer of securities.  

Transfer agent parties such as the TMX, ComputerShare, CIBC Melon, to name a few, will generally require a signature guarantee in the form of a medallion when an owner wishes to transfer securities, such as stocks or bonds, held in physical certificate form without going through a broker's account. If an owner holds securities through National Bank Direct Brokerage, they will not need to obtain a signature guarantee to sell or transfer the securities to another NBDB client. To make a donation between NBDB clients, complete the "Donation of securities to National Bank Direct Brokerage" form available in the Transfers and Donations section of the Forms page and visit a branch. Send us a copy by email at or visit one of our branches.

To obtain a medallion signature without depositing the securities in a National Bank Direct Brokerage account, the owner of the securities must be a client of National Bank or one of its subsidiaries. In the case of an estate, the bank succession file must have been processed at National Bank before we can grant the medallion stamp.  

For more information or to obtain the necessary forms, please contact our team via the Message centre or by telephone at 1-800-363-3511.

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