Recognia and National Bank Direct Brokerage offer a broad range of free tools to help independent investors. Whether your investment style is technical, fundamental, or geared towards options, we have a solution tailored to your needs! Conduct research using Recognia's suite of analysis tools to gain insight or to find new ideas and enjoy managing your portfolio.

The Recognia suite can be found under the "Tools > Technical Analysis" tab in your NBDB account. 

Technical Insight

Value Analyzer


Would you like to easily spot bullish or bearish technical event opportunities? 

Technical Insight automates the standard data analysis process and provides instant insights that help you weigh your investment decisions.

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Interested in "value investing"? 

Value Analyzer provides investors with a simple and intuitive view of all the key metrics for a particular stock on a single page. Easily identify companies that are undervalued based on their fundamentals!

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Strategy Builder

Options Ideas


Looking for a customizable stock screener? 

Strategy Builder provides you with powerful filters to identify stocks that meet your specific investment criteria, using both fundamental and technical analysis.

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Use option strategies wisely and enhance your existing portfolio!

Options Ideas calculates how much profit a trade idea could generate and helps you bridge the gap between learning option strategies and applying them in the real-world.


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