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Discover the OptionsPlay® analysis platform to find ideas for options trading. Easily compare 3 strategies that can be used according to your market forecast.*

With OptionsPlay, you can:   

  • Compare strategies according to your market forecast.
  • Understand each strategy’s risk zone.
  • Estimate potential gains and losses to make an informed choice.
  • Assess the different strategies with the results simulator.
  • Access more advanced option strategies. 

Tool Overview

Screenshot of the new platform and how you can check stock market fluctuations

Technical Concept

Get an unbiased analysis of several stocks along with technical buy and sell signals. 

Screenshot of the platform

Strategy Comparison Tool

Easily compare three possible trading strategies, including two on options and one on stocks. The OptionsPlay rating system helps you understand the risk/return ratio’s assessment.

Screenshot of the platform
Screenshot of the new platform and how you can check stock market fluctuations

Results Simulator

View the estimated gains and losses quickly as well as the potential returns of the various strategies suggested. Each strategy is explained in detail to make an enlightened decision. 

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