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Information on tools and integrated research on investments for investors who manage their own portfolio 

Research and Analysis Tools

In addition to providing a five-star customer experience and investment solutions suited to your needs, National Bank Direct Brokerage offers you high-performing research and analysis tools to help you in your investment strategies:


Whether your investment style is technical, fundamental, or geared towards options, Recognia has a solution tailored to your needs! Conduct research using Recognia's suite of analysis tools to gain insight or to find new ideas and enjoy managing your portfolio.

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ETF Centre - Exchange-traded funds now available in one click

Are you looking for exchange-traded funds, or do you simply want to learn more about this product? Our ETF Centre is a comprehensive source of information that not only can assist you in your decision making, but also allows you to promptly take action.

This simplified tool lets you select ETFs based on your criteria (sector, management style, annual fees, underlying assets, historical performance), so you can easily find the funds that are right for you.

You can also search for a fund by looking up its symbol or a keyword. This will allow you to get a real-time quote on the fund, as well as review its characteristics and composition on a single page!

The Centre is also a great reference for those much-needed customized charts when you want to monitor ETF prices. You can tailor the graphs to show a variety of data, including frequency, period, indicators or volume.

Once you’ve found the ETF for your portfolio, take action by using our shortcuts to your account. ETFs trade like common shares, and can easily be found under your current/pending orders.

Morningstar - Bringing you independent research

With National Bank Direct Brokerage, you automatically gain access to Morningstar’s independent research.

Simply browse over to the Research and Analysis tab of the transactional site to see how we have revamped its structure and content. We want to make sure that it remains an impartial financial research reference to help you monitor and analyze Canadian, U.S. and global equities, as well as ETFs.

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National Bank Financial research - To help you make enlightened decisions

We are the only discount broker to offer you the National Bank Financial research and expertise on nearly 300 Canadian securities, free of charge. That is free expert advice accompanied by technical and fundamental analyses! Made available under the Research and Analysis tab, the NBF research is a must when it comes to monitoring market trends or specific securities.

Whether it is for ETFs, stocks or options, each week, NBF analysts post their top picks, recommended lists, model portfolios and investment ideas. This research will surely inspire you in your decision-making process.

Asset allocation tool - At the heart of your investment process

We are aware that asset allocation is at the heart of sound portfolio management, and that is why we have developed an asset allocation tool that allows you to  compare your current portfolio to a model.

If your current asset allocation is not aligned to your profile, the tool lets you simulate scenarios to help you build an optimal mix for your situation. Since it is directly linked to your asset details, this tool is very easy to use regularly as a way to monitor the evolution of your portfolio.

Performance tracking tool - Take hold of your wealth

This section gives you a detailed description of your return for each of your accounts, individual or consolidated, with two viewing options: return by a specific period or return over cumulative periods.

When calculating your return, we factor in deposits and withdrawals, whether they are in kind or in cash.

In addition to your portfolio return, we also provide the Sharpe ratio, which represents the real return (return obtained, less the risk-free return) of each unit of risk (standard deviation).

PredictWallStreet - Real-Time Investor Sentiment

PredictWallStreet is a tool that allows investors to make their own predictions on the future outcome of a stock or on the market in general. It is possible for the user to predict whether a stock will rise or fall and this for different time periods. PredictWallStreet compares the user’s predictions with the community sentiment.

PredictWallStreet Launchpads

The PredictWallStreet Launchpad provides real-time community sentiment. It serves as the entry point, where a user can input what they think about a specific security. It is available in the “Quotes and Markets” section under the “stocks - overview” tab. 


Content Page

After a user clicks on the launchpad, their prediction is saved. The user can then click on “details” and will be taken to the main content page of the PredictWallStreet website. This Content Page provides feedback on the user’s prediction, as well as additional community information.


One Day Accuracy

This section provides the accuracy of the investors past predictions (1 day predictions) on this specific stock. It also provides the accuracy of the community’s predictions on the same stock.

Community Sentiment Meter

Community Sentiment Meter displays how bullish or bearish the community is on a given stock, as compared with the community sentiment on related industry sectors. 


The chart section provides a comparison between the actual stock price fluctuation and the general market sentiment. This chart comparison is provided over several timeframes and is updated every 15 minutes.

U.S. markets: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year

Canadian markets: 1 month, 3 months and 1 year

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