Manage your investments with National Bank Direct Brokerage

Online trading has changed considerably over the past few years and no longer only serves the needs of active traders; it caters to all types of investors seeking more control, autonomy and freedom. Here are 5 good reasons to manage your investments with National Bank Direct Brokerage.


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Decision-making tools
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Tools And Research

At National Bank Direct Brokerage, you invest when and how it suits you

In addition to having access to a wide range of investment products, you also benefit from a variety of trading platforms. Of course, our classic platform is likely the most practical and most popular of all among investors, since it allows you to conduct multitude of transactions, at any time, including:

  • place orders at our most competitive rates
  • quickly and easily obtain information on your account 
  • get the latest economic and market news free of charge 
  • monitor the economy through various financial indicators

Classic Platform

Whether you use the Internet to manage your portfolio or simply to track its performance, discover our online tools designed for investors by investors.
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Platforms for Active Investors

Specialized platforms for active investors. These platforms meet specific needs and can be adapted to different investment styles. Let's take a look at them.

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Must-have features

Our classic platform was designed to simplify the management of your portfolio. Use it to perform a variety of actions, at any time of day. We also offer you practical tools to help you get the most out of your online trading experience.


A mobile platform for a secure and quick access to your brokerage accounts, wherever you are!
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Research and Tools

In addition to investment solutions tailored to your needs, National Bank Direct Brokerage offers high-performing research and analysis tools to help you make better investment decisions.
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