Account opening timeframe

The time required to open your account depends on the type of account you have selected.

For a personal or joint account, the account will be activated within 24 business hours, if we have received all the duly completed forms and relevant information.

Note that if your bank account is not with the National Bank, your brokerage account will still be open within that timeframe, but will not be activated until all the verifications are completed.

For margin and/or options accounts, the approval timeframe is 72 business hours, following the receipt of the original, duly completed account opening documents.

If you want to open a margin account, a cash account will be opened while we wait to receive all the signed documents. Once your margin account is approved, the cash and securities held in your cash account (if applicable) will be transferred to your margin account.

If you want to open an RESP account, we will need to have received all the grant application forms before you are authorized to make your first contribution.

Note: The opening of a brokerage account is subject to certain conditions as well as the approval of National Bank Direct Brokerage.

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