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Online trading has changed considerably over the past few years and no longer only serves the needs of active traders; it caters to all types of investors seeking more control, autonomy and freedom. Here are 5 good reasons to manage your investments with National Bank Direct Brokerage.


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Discover how our turnkey solutions, direct brokerage accounts and investment products are helping to meet the needs of do-it-yourself investors

With National Bank Direct Brokerage, you gain access to a world of possibilities to help you achieve your financial objectives. Whether you are looking to invest sums over the short time, for a specific project, or seeking a flexible tool to grow your assets over time, we have the solution for you.

Regardless of the type of account you choose, your National Bank Direct Brokerage account gives you access to a wide range of solutions that go beyond those offered by National Bank. It allows you to build your own portfolio and to take advantage of different investment vehicles available on the market, depending on your objectives, while keeping your assets at an institution highly recognized for its expertise, reliability and diversity.

Browse the pages of this section to learn more about our turnkey solutions, such as InvestCube, our exchange-traded funds portfolio rebalancing service.

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