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Planning your estate and succession

We agree: it is a lot more fun to save for a trip than for your succession. Yet, estate planning remains one of the most important forms of planning because it ensures the preservation and distribution of your patrimony in accordance with your wishes. Not to mention that it brings peace of mind to your future heirs. Without a succession plan and asset management strategy, a good deal of your life’s work could disappear.

Estate planning refers to the provisions we establish to protect our loved ones, as well as to transfer and preserve the value of the assets we wish to bequest. It includes assigning proxies and powers of attorney, creating trusts, designating tutors for minor children and, for business owners, transferring or liquidating a company.

A good estate plan is customized to your financial objectives and your lifestyle. When establishing yours, make sure it factors in your current and future needs. It should also ensure that your estate is financially sound so that it may be transferred to your heirs with as few tax consequences as possible.

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