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In partnership with the Montreal Exchange, we offer you a course of 6 webinars that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of options. Learn the basic concepts, see the rules to follow, the mistakes to avoid, and master the strategies associated with them! This training path is one more tool in your seasoned investor kit. Sign up and ask your questions directly to our experts.

You want to participate, but you are not available at the scheduled times? A recorded version will be available on this page in the days following the webinar. You will be able to complete the training program at your own pace.


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Part A: Options Fundamentals 

Individual investors have more investment options than they often realize! This workshop, in collaboration with Montreal Exchange, will introduce a whole new world of opportunities as our instructor presents the building blocks of options trading including terminology, the concepts of exercise and assignment, and pricing variables.

You will also be given an overview of basic option strategies as well as practical examples to illustrate their respective risk and reward profile.

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Part B: Option Strategies for RRSP & TFSA 

This workshop, in collaboration with Montreal Exchange, will introduce you to option strategies that are eligible in registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) and tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs).

Our instructor will teach you how options can be used to create leverage without the use of margin. You will also learn strategies aimed at capital preservation and income generation. As a Canadian investor, this workshop will highlight the benefits of actively managing your retirement funds.

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Part C: Options trading: myths and reality 

You have probably heard that options trading is risky and only suitable to savvy and sophisticated investors. Maybe you also heard that options trades tend to be unprofitable because most options contracts expire worthless.

This workshop, in collaboration with Montreal Exchange, explores the most popular misconceptions related to options trading by tracing back to their origins and uncovering the truth.

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Part D: Options Trading Mistakes to Avoid 

The markets are unpredictable and, sometimes, unforgiving. When trading options, investors are expected to make mistakes! However, learning from those pitfalls is the catalyst to a successful options trading strategy.

Join our Montreal Exchange instructor as he explores many of these common oversights, teaches you how to identify them and most importantly, how to avoid them going forward!

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Part E: Options as a Hedging Strategy  

This workshop, in collaboration with Montreal Exchange, focuses on how investors can effectively and safely use options to protect individual stocks or their entire portfolio from adverse market movements.

You will learn how the protective put strategy can act as insurance in periods of turmoil. You will leave this workshop holding an essential arrow in your investment quiver!

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Part F: Options as an Income Strategy 

This workshop, in collaboration with Montreal Exchange, focuses on income-generation strategies using options.

Our instructor will first present you the most conservative and widely used trading strategy—the covered call. You will get familiarized with its benefits and risks, as well as alternative strategies also designed to increase the overall return of your portfolio.

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