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Learning path for self-directed investors who want to know more about financial markets and investing

Investment 101

What a wise decision to choose to become an online investor by first refreshing and improving your knowledge of the economy and markets!

Step 1 will allow you to better understand your investment returns and the differences between the products and strategies available to you.

When it comes to investing, to make the right decisions and execute the adequate strategy for your situation, it is important to understand a few basic concepts:

  • The economy plays a crucial role in your investment performance. It is essential to understand some basic economic notions to invest wisely and ensure that your financial decisions are aligned to your objectives, over the short, medium and long terms.
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  • When you manage your portfolio yourself, investing can be a rewarding and emotionally complex experience. You will go through moments of optimism and euphoria, followed by more challenging times. As a result, you need to understand the ups and downs inherent to the world of investing.
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  • It is strongly advised against trying to time the markets – that is, to try to guess the perfect moment to acquire or sell a certain position. Markets are highly volatile and it is often more profitable to invest with a long-term perspective than attempt to sync a future upward movement. Periodic investing is a simple and effective way to grow your assets and take advantage of potentially positive returns.
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