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Financial Publications

Your National Bank Direct Brokerage account gives you access to a wealth of quality financial information to help you better understand the markets and build more effective investment strategies.

We invite you to make use of the exclusive financial publications we offer you. They can provide valuable support in your decision-making process, and are exceptional tools to help you optimize your asset management strategies.

Dow Jones Morning Briefing

The Dow Jones Morning Briefing ensures you remain up to date on market trends and latest developments. This daily newsletter contains the latest information, including the day’s top stories and a calendar of earnings and economic indicators.

Sign up to Dow Jones Morning Briefing via the classic platform. Just click the Quotes and Markets - Dow Jones Morning Briefing tab, and then the link at the bottom of the page.

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National Bank Financial research and analysis

National Bank Financial's Research department is recognized as one of the best in Canada. With these publications, you are given the opportunity to monitor major economic trends and social and political events that can affect financial markets. Analysts cover all the major sectors and publish timely, in-depth reports on a large number of companies, which they track closely. Learn more.

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Morningstar independent research

With National Bank Direct Brokerage, you also have access to independent research from the internationally renowned investment firm Morningstar, a source of neutral and impartial financial research on Canadian, U.S. and international equities and exchange-traded funds. Learn more.

Mutual fund select list

To help you in your decision-making process, National Bank Wealth Management analysts have compiled a list of funds that have set themselves apart with stable and consistent track records.

Monthly Equity Monitor

This publication provides an analysis of financial markets and the major market sectors.

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Monthly Fixed Income Monitor

This publication provides an analysis of interest rate fluctuations and their impact on the bond market.

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Other than the Dow Jones Morning Briefing, which is sent via email each morning, all publications mentioned above can be accessed through the Research and Analysis tab from your online account.

Publications available to the public


2016 Quebec Budget  Highlights of the 2016 Quebec Budget viewed by the analysts of the National Bank
Economic Monitor  Each month, this publication reviews the global economic outlook, particularly the North American environment, and provides forecasts for the major economic and financial variables.
Market Summary Daily end-of-trading market review.
Economic Weekly Each week, this publication analyzes a current economic or financial topic, and offers a brief commentary on economic developments as depicted by economic indicators released during the week. Trends in a wide range of international, national and provincial economic and financial indicators are also presented.
The Financier The Financier helps keep you up to date on the subjects that matter to your financial situation. You will find articles on stock markets, the economy and new products and services.
Economic and Financial Outlook The Economic and Financial Outlook presents an overall picture of the state of the international economy. It also includes forecasts for the major economic and financial variables.
Foreign Exchange Analysis  The foreign exchange analysis provides information on the main currencies. Opening and closing rates, daily and annual variations, forward contract rates, volatility of CAD/USD options, technical levels and daily forecasts are all presented in a table format.

It also includes a financial commentary on currencies, as well as strategic advice to help you leverage the markets amid the current environment.

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