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Brokerage Accounts

Accounts for all your needs

A brokerage account is an investment account in which you trade a large array of products available on financial markets. It allows you to shop for the products that suit you best, all the while tapping into the full potential of a recognized institution.

There are important differences between a bank account and a brokerage account, the most significant of which concerns the account use. While a bank account is designed to deposit and withdraw money frequently, a brokerage account is designed to deposit funds with the intent to invest in the markets.

A direct brokerage account allows you to manage your funds yourself by selecting products that suit your investment objectives. For an independent investor, a direct brokerage account is much more attractive, given the low annual fees and commissions.

There are several types of brokerage accounts. The graph* below illustrates that investment needs vary over time. With National Bank Direct Brokerage, you can enjoy all the benefits registered accounts provide, in addition to using non-registered accounts as your needs require!

* The types of accounts suggested in the graph are presented for informational purposes only. National Bank Direct Brokerage gives no advice nor makes any recommendations related to investments or financial planning.

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