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Transform your investment plans into reality. You have goals, we have the accounts to help you reach them.

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Deposit money or transfer investments in your NBDB Direct Brokerage account.

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Become an expert in financial markets, keep track of your investments, and safely view and trade stocks.

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Whether you’re just starting your investing journey or you’re already an expert, simplify your decisions and explore the markets with our free tools that will allow you to:

  • Find exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that meet your needs  
  • Get new investment ideas from our countless analyses and articles 
  • Build and execute successful investment strategies 
  • Create a watchlist and keep track of stocks you’re interested in 
  • Explore trading options ideas and compare different investment strategies


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Whether you’re an expert investor or just getting started, we have the tools for you. 

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Learning centre

Build your financial knowledge: read about investment strategies, different investment products, stock market trends, etc.

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Seminars and webinars

Learn how to become an independent investor, keep up with market trends, get in-depth information from our analysis tools, and much more. 

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Investment strategies and tutorials

Want to become an independent investor? Watch our videos and tutorials and hone your financial skills.

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Photo of a person from behind leaning back in a chair holding their head watching their computer screen
Photo of a person from behind leaning back in a chair holding their head watching their computer screen

Develop your investing expertise with ETFs

Enjoy $0 pricing on Canadian or U.S. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) with National Bank Direct Brokerage.



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