OptionsPlay’s Partnership with National Bank Direct Brokerage

12 March 2021 by OptionsPlay
OptionsPlay x National Bank Partnership

Whether you are brand new to options trading and learning the basics, or have never traded options before and are trying to figure out where to start, the OptionsPlay platform can be a good starting point. Even experienced options traders can save time and gain insight by leveraging the power of OptionsPlay.  

What is OptionsPlay?

OptionsPlay is designed to show investors of all experience levels, even those that don’t intend to use options, new ways to find opportunities on either bullish or bearish markets by integrating technical indicators into their research analysis, all while providing quick and easy starting points for trading and income strategies.

Whether you’re a stock, ETF or options investor, our proprietary analysis of trends and relative strength is merged with traditional technical analysis scans to provide actionable ideas each morning.  You can also create watchlists to have a quick view of the stocks or ETFs that interest you.

OptionsPlay watchlist



The OptionsPlay charting tool displays support and resistance zones, trend analysis and overbought/oversold levels, as well as price action analysis to help you gauge the directional movement of a stock or ETF at a glance.

OptionsPlay chart


Options Strategies

For options investors, the trading and income panel provides an interactive, easy to use interface. Investors can effortlessly compare different options strategies while adjusting for price targets, implied volatility, and expiry dates. Our proprietary options scoring metric, the OptionsPlay Score, allows investors to compare any 3 strategies side by side and gauge risk/reward metrics.  

OptionsPlay strategies


Our P&L Simulator provides insights into the risks and rewards of each strategy and how they will perform under various circumstances.

OptionsPlay simulator


Lastly, the strategy checklist ensures investors are aware of the possible risks and barriers to each trade.

Income section

Investors looking to generate additional income by writing covered calls on their existing securities, or selling cash-secured puts to buy shares at a lower price or to pocket the income, will certainly appreciate the income section.  Just like the trading section, it provides a starting point and will allow them to unlock investment opportunities by modifying their expiration and strike prices, and easily determine their potential payoff and risk. 

OptionsPlay income


With access to over 65 technical indicators, profit and loss simulations, more than 40 complex strategies, strategy checklists, and much more, OptionsPlay is the must-have tool for investors of all experience levels!


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