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Information on tools and integrated research on investments for investors who manage their own portfolio 

Classic Platform

Technology at your service

Whether you use the Internet to manage your portfolio or simply to track its performance, you will greatly appreciate our online tools designed for investors by investors.

The Classic Platform is divided in six sections:


This dashboard allows you to view in a glance:

  • Your accounts
  • Your investments, in real time
  • A complete history of your trades
  • Unrealized gains or losses
  • Available margin
  • Book values
  • Your cumulative contributions to registered accounts for the current year
  • Your yield since the inception of your account
  • Asset allocation

In this section you can also access your confirmation, your portfolios statements and your tax statements for a period of five years. an also access your confirmation, your portfolios statements and your tax statements for a period of seven years.


Via our electronic platform, you will be able to trade stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), options, mutual funds and fixed income securities. Combine efficiency and usability.

You can view your current orders, your filled transactions, your expired orders and your monetary transfers.

You can get real-time quotations on the investment products you are negotiating at any time during your transactions.


The North American markets are available to you in only a few seconds. You can quickly view:

  • changes in market indices
  • the best performing sectors of the day
  • Winners and losers of the day for each of the major exchanges
  • major stock news
  • changes in international exchange rates and commodity prices
  • a variety of graphs, financial data analysis and filters on securities that interests you.

Our ETF center is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Find Canadian or US ETFs that are most in-line with your research criteria. Find the best performing and more active ETFs on a daily basis.


National Bank Direct Brokerage is known for its variety of tools. We offer to all of our customers the following free tools:


It is not always easy to select specific securities in which to invest. This is why the research section specifically addresses this problem. Find:

  • Recommendations for purchases and sales
  • Morningstar and National Bank Financial Performance ratings
  • Selected stock lists
  • Technical analysis
  • A variety of daily, weekly and monthly summaries
  • Articles on currencies, budgets, industries as well as the market outlook

The recommendations in this section apply to both the stocks on ETFs.

Investment Solutions

You don’t have enough time to do your research? We thought of you!

The Investment Solutions section offers turnkey solutions to create your portfolio in a snap. You can also find an overview of the sections to visit to make orientation easier on our trading platform.


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