The ins and outs of trading at NBDB

Managing your investment portfolio online does not have to be complicated. At National Bank Direct Brokerage, we want to give you access to a secure online platform to trade with peace of mind, no matter where you are!

Online or on your smartphone
Nothing is easier than trading with National Bank Direct Brokerage online or on your smartphone.

  • Reduced fees
  • Flexibility and ease of service
  • Instant access to all the tools required to make enlightened decisions

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Via the phone

You can also place your orders by phoning our team of experienced representatives.

What you need to know once you have placed an order

After the execution of each transaction, you will receive an electronic* confirmation notice. On this notice, you will find all your trade details. The image below provides an example of a notice.

Trade notices can also be sent by mail, upon request. You can change your delivery preferences online or by phoning one of our representatives.

While each transaction is indicated in your online brokerage account history, we strongly recommend that you keep this document in your files.

We will send you a portfolio statement monthly or quarterly, whether you traded during the month or not. Portfolio statements show your positions, their book value, as well as any trades executed during the period. If you have any questions about your statement, you can read our “Understanding your portfolio statement” page or contact us.

Your investments’ book value

You can view the book value of your non-registered accounts directly on our trading platform or on your portfolio statement.   

The book value refers to the amount you paid to purchase the shares or securities that you hold in your account. It corresponds to the total quantity of shares multiplied by their average unit price, plus any applicable commission fee paid.

When you trade securities through National Bank Direct Brokerage, we calculate the book value for you. If, however, your holdings were received from an in-kind transfer from another financial institution, the value may not be indicated or may not be reflective of reality. In such a case, we strongly encourage you to send us all the details of your initial purchase trade for those securities.

You are under no obligation to provide the book value. However, you will notice that this information can be quite useful to monitor your portfolio return over time.

If you have any questions pertaining to the book value of your investments, or to obtain the necessary forms to provide us with this information, please read our FAQ.

Note: The book value that is calculated by National Bank Direct Brokerage is provided for informational purposes only. It should not be used for tax purposes. For this type of declaration, please use the official documents (portfolio statements, tax statements or confirmation notices) that we provide to you.

* To receive this notice by mail, you must change your document delivery preferences in your brokerage account.

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