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Each project starts with an idea, with a dream. Before investing, you need to save and before saving, you need to have a goal. While it’s possible to set money aside without a clear goal in mind, it is wiser to begin by setting objectives and finding effective ways to achieve them.

With National Bank Direct Brokerage’s Education Centre, you have access to a multitude of articles and tools to help you transpose your life projects into financial goals and uncover shrewd ways to invest in a manner that turns your dreams into realities.

The learning process we propose is illustrated below. It is up to you to follow it step by step, or to refer to certain sections in particular. However, we recommend that you first make sure you understand how markets work, the different types of accounts available to you, as well as the characteristics of each product and strategy you plan on executing. Acquiring this knowledge will ensure that you have everything to accomplish your goals.

Follow National Bank Direct Brokerage learning process

Tap into the markets in four easy steps

If you’re here, it’s that you have completed steps 1 and 2 of the learning process. It’s a good start, but you still have to open an account to be able to trade online and manage your own portfolio.

  1. Start by evaluating if online brokerage is the right investment solution for you.
  2. Make sure you understand market mechanics.
  3. Open your brokerage account in order to receive relevant information regarding its management, as well as to obtain a user ID and password allowing you to trade online.
  4. Transfer your assets or funds to your brokerage account and you are set!

You are now ready to start trading!

To help you, we have developed several tools :

Our Education Centre covers all the information to set up your account, start investing, trade the right products for your situation, and evaluate your investments. Refer to it regularly.

Also visit the Events section to participate in webinars and seminars. In addition to helping you in your decision-making process, our webinars are free to watch at any time of the day, from the comfort of your own home.

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