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Decision-Plus lets you:

  • Research securities and track indexes
  • Receive alerts to track stocks and indexes in real time
  • Get access to up-to-date analysis and news on a range of securities

What the tool suite from the firm Decision-Plus offers you

MarketVisionPlus search tool

  • Research and track stocks quickly and easily
  • Get 10 predefined graph analysis modules
  • Closely monitor stock fluctuations
  • Access the main stock exchanges, including the TSX, TSX-V, NYSE and NASDAQ.

TraderPlus: Software to help you track stocks

  • Monitor several prices and graphs at the same time
  • Get pre-existing lists of stocks and indices and tailor them to your needs
  • Choose graphs from a number of templates or customize your own
  • Get alerts for technical indicators thanks to the scanning tools. decisioning tool

  • Get fundamental and technical analysis from a team of experts
  • Set up alerts
  • Watch three daily trading shows for up-to-the-minute buy and sell opportunities.

The Swing Trading Show webcast with Michel Carignan

  • Michel Carignan and his team of analysts provide live market and stock exchange analysis from 11:30 a.m. to noon (ET), Monday to Friday. Only available in French.

To find out about the pricing of Decision-Plus' tools, visit the provider's external website by clicking here.

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