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Online trading has changed considerably over the past few years and no longer only serves the needs of active traders; it caters to all types of investors seeking more control, autonomy and freedom. Here are 5 good reasons to manage your investments with National Bank Direct Brokerage.


Global Macro Outlook and Commentary

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Understanding Geo-political, monetary and fiscal policy are absolutely critical to the investing process. Learn how the news headlines you see every day impact the equities, currencies, commodities and bonds you hold in your portfolio. Use this understanding to make practical, actionable investment decisions.

Enhance your understanding of the “Macro Fundamentals” and become a better investor.

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National Bank Direct Brokerage: A world of opportunities

Whether you are an active trader, a seasoned do-it-yourself investor or just starting out, National Bank Direct Brokerage has a full suite of tools and resources, from an Education Centre to financial calculators, to guide you in the elaboration of your investment strategies and to help you manage your portfolio yourself.

National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. National Bank Direct Brokerage offers no advice and makes no investment recommendations. The client is solely responsible for the financial and fiscal consequences of his or her investment decisions. Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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