Pricing presentation on the web tools and commission fees

Trading Platforms

Our reliable and user-friendly transactional platform allows you to trade whenever you want! It will quickly become your favourite search tool, thanks to its depth and content, which lets you tap into the National Bank Financial and Morningstar market analyses.

It will not take long before you notice how essential it is to your portfolio management strategy. With it, you will be able to create virtual portfolios and watch lists, which are only two examples of all the tools and resources made available to you.

But that’s not all! In addition to all the free tools, National Bank Direct Brokerage gives you access to many other platforms:


 Web tools*  Monthly trades on equities, options and ETFs generating a commission
   0 to 9  10 to 39  40 to 99  100 +
 Recognia  Free  Free  Free  Free
 Market Q - Level I quotes  $39  Free  Free  Free
 Market Q - Level II quotes  $99  $60  Free  Free
 Market Q - Level I with TSX-V  $64  $25  $25  Free
 Market Q - Level II with TSX-V  $148  $109  $49  Free


Option A (choice of one tool)

 Web tools*  Monthly trades
   0 to 14  15 to 29  30 to 49  50 +
 MarketGurus.tv  $75  $25  Free  Free
 MarketVisionPlus  $50  Free  Free  Free
 TraderPlus  $65  Free  Free  Free

Option B (choice of two tools)

 Web tools*  Monthly trades 
   0 to 14  15 to 29  30 to 49  50 +
 MarketGurus.tv and MarketVisionPlus
 $125  $75  $25    Free
 MarketGurus.tv and TraderPlus
 $140   $65  $25  Free
 MarketVisionPlus and TraderPlus  $115  $50  Free  Free

Option C (all three tools)

 Web tools*  Monthly trades 
   0 to 14  15 to 29  30 to 49  50 +
 $190  $120  $60  Free

* Taxes not included. To subscribe to these products, contact one of our representatives.

Monthly fees are debited from your brokerage account at the beginning of the month following its use.

The number of transactions required to waive fees is calculated per user code. 

Fees charged in US dollar accounts will be converted at the current exchange rate.

It is not possible to combine Market-Q with MarketVisionPlus or TraderPlus.

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