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Information on tools and integrated research on investments for investors who manage their own portfolio 


In partnership with Decision-Plus, National Bank Direct Brokerage offers stock market investors the MarketVisionPlus, TraderPlus and suite of tools. These tools are designed to assist active investors by helping them map out an investment strategy that meets their financial objectives. Browse through the following tabs to learn more about them.

MarketVisionPlus – A powerful research tool

MarketVisionPlus is the essential interface for stock selection, index tracking, investment strategy selection, decision making, and position monitoring.

Fast and efficient stock market software

  • Free download and installation on your computer
  • Unparalleled speed since the data comes from your hard drive
  • Saving functionality available for all your data


  • Ten predefined analysis modules
  • Possibility to change the setup to fit your needs (for example, with one key touch, change your investment horizon or add technical indicators)
  • Ability to create trendlines, write text or even add technical analysis


  • Identify the beginning of a technical movement among the securities that fluctuate during the trading session
  • Research stocks based on bid and ask prices before markets open

Interrelated tools subscribers have full integration in their MarketVisionPlus software. The data and information is displayed in the software, reducing unnecessary handling while increasing power and flexibility.

The Marketvisionplus platform includes the Toronto, Vancouver, NYSE and NASDAQ market.


TraderPlus – A dynamic quote tool

Easy to use and powerful, the TraderPlus software allows you to track intraday stock and index movements in real time. Fed in real time and offered in a dynamic mode, this virtual robot monitors markets and alerts you when needed.


  • Follow simultaneously multiple quotations and charts
  • Combine usability and simplicity

Lists of indices

  • Get previously built lists of indexes, sectors and industries
  • Create and manage new stocks and ETF lists as you like


  • Choose from a variety of display modes and graph visualizations.
  • All models are editable and configurable
  • Get up to 50 quotations and 60 live charts

Scanner & Alerts

  • identify the beginning of a technical movement among the titles that fluctuate during the trading session
  • Research stocks based on bid and ask prices before markets open

TraderPlus – Decision making help tool

Straightforward and effortless, offer traders technical analysis and news on a multitude of securities. In no time, every day, you will know important markets news in order to make bettor informed decisions.


  • Divide your search by stock market, sectors and technical events
  • See trends and buying or selling opportunities
  • The website plateform gives you access to updates anytime, anywhere.

A host of analysts

  • Benefit from the expertise of an experienced team of technical and fundamental analysts

Audio alert messages:

  • Listen to highlights (technical and fundamental) due to audio mode.

Continuous updates

  • All stock movements are analyzed and saved.
  • The updates are published on average 25 to 40 times per trading session.

Decision Support

  • Three live online shows are broadcasted daily to summarize current events, help you make better investment decisions and to present you with buying or selling opportunities.


MarketVisionPlus users can fully integrate into their customized platform.

The Swing Trading Show webcast

The Swing Trading Show webcast, with Michel Carignan and his team of analysts, airs every Wednesday, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Intraday market variations are discussed and analyzed. A useful complement to ride the right wave.


To sign up for any Decision-Plus products or for more information, contact one of our representatives or consult our fees schedule.

Educational videos

To get more information on the different tools, watch the education videos directly from the Decision-Plus website. (Available in french only)

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