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From December 12, 2016 to March 31, 2017, deposit at least $20,000 to a new direct brokerage account to receive a commission and transfer fee refund of up to $500. This cashback applies to trades carried out within the first 90 days of opening the account. If you deposit $100,000, your refund could be as high as $1000. This promotion is available to new clients and existing National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB) clients who open a new type of account.

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The 3 steps for opening an account

1. Collect the required information

For instance, each account holder must provide their social insurance number, their banking information and a valid identity document. For accounts with spousal contributions, the contributing spouse's date of birth and social insurance number are required to open the account.

Complete list of information required to open an account.

2. Complete an application

Completing an account opening application should take about 20 minutes. Your account will then be available within one business day (certain conditions apply). Once the account opening form is completed, you will be asked to print the documents required to open your account. You must print all these forms. If you prefer, you can also ask to receive these documents by mail.

3. Confirm the account opening

Once you have printed all the account opening forms, you must return them duly signed within the next 25 days to:

National Bank Direct Brokerage
1100 Robert-Bourassa Blvd., 7th Floor
Montréal, Quebec H3B 2G7

N.B.: Be sure to include a copy of both sides of a recognized identity document: driver's licence, health insurance card (except for residents of Ontario, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island), permanent resident card, Canadian passport or birth certificate (if you are under 21 years of age).

Eligible account types

All account types are eligible for this promotion. However, existing clients must open a new type of account to be eligible for the promotion.

Some exceptions may apply.


  • A client with a cash account in Canadian dollars will not be considered eligible for the promotion if he opens a margin account. However, he will be considered eligible if he opens a TFSA. 
  • A client with an InvestCube RRSP account will not be considered eligible for the promotion if he opens a regular RRSP account. However, he will be considered eligible if he opens an InvestCube cash account.

Two accounts of the same type (e.g., cash account) but in two different currencies (CDN and US) will not be accepted, as they are deemed to be the same type of account.

Promotion conditions
  1. The promotion is in effect from December 12, 2016 to March 31, 2017.  It is offered to new clients and to existing National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB) clients that open a new type of account.  
    Adhesion Period Qualifying Period Validation Date Reimbursement Date
    December 12, 2016 to
    January 31, 2017
    December 12, 2016 to
     April 30, 2017
    July 31, 2017 August 14, 2017
    February 1 to 28, 2017 February 1 to May 31, 2017 August 31, 2017 September 14, 2017
    March 1 to 31, 2017 March 1 to June 30, 2017 September 30, 2017 October 12, 2017

  2. The adhesion period corresponds to the account opening date of the new type of account (the promotion code “CashBack2017” must be noted in the “General Information” section of the online account opening application or in section 13 of the account opening form 17230). 

  3. To be eligible, a transfer of assets of $20,000 or more (not transferred from an NBDB account) into the newly opened account or accounts must be completed during the Qualifying Period.  During the calculation of the reimbursement, amounts transferred out of the account or accounts up to the Validation Date will be deducted from the initial transfer amount and may have an impact on offer eligibility.   

  4. The opening of a new type of InvestCube account is considered eligible for the promotion.  The amounts transferred into an InvestCube account and a new regular account held by the same client can be combined for the calculation of the reimbursement.  Transfer fee reimbursement applies according to the promotion terms and conditions for all the combined accounts (if applicable).  Transaction fees will be reimbursed only into regular accounts (not InvestCube accounts).

  5. The following fees will be reimbursed on the Reimbursement Date, up to the maximum allowable amount for all new brokerage accounts.  The reimbursement will be paid into the new account or accounts in which the fees were disbursed, according to the following priority:
    • Transfer fees incurred during the Qualifying Period up to a maximum of $135 + taxes per transfer request;

    • Commission fees for shares, options and ETFs (if eligible) incurred within 90 days following the Adhesion Date.  

  6. The client must carry out at least one buy transaction generating a commission on shares, options or ETFs (if eligible) in the newly opened account during the Qualifying Period to be eligible.  

  7. The maximum reimbursement account per client is:  

    • Up to $500 for a transfer of $20,000 to $99,999; 
    • Up to $1000 for a transfer of $100,000 or more.

  8. Fees for transfers and commissions related to transactions on shares, options and ETFs (if eligible) must first be paid by the client and will subsequently be reimbursed to the client according to clauses 5 and 7 above and at the time identified in the table in clause 1.  

  9. The amount paid by NBDB may be considered revenue.  For more information regarding the tax treatment of an individual’s situation, an accountant or tax specialist should be consulted.  

  10. The opening of a brokerage account with NBDB is subject to certain conditions and to the approval of NBDB.   

  11. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.  

  12. NBDB reserves the right to refuse payments associated with this or any other promotion.  
National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada.  National Bank Direct Brokerage does not provide advice nor recommendations regarding investments.  The client is solely responsible for any financial or tax consequences of his or her investment decisions.  National Bank Direct Brokerage is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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