Investment Solutions

Detailed information on discount brokerage accounts and investment solutions available for investing success

Special accounts

National Bank Direct Brokerage offers a wide range of special accounts to meet specific financial needs. We also provide assistance to help you set up your account.

Company account

Separate legal entity managed by a board of directors and officers.

Sole proprietorship

A business with a sole proprietor, who personally owns all the assets, manages the business, collects all the income, and assumes all the financial and administrative responsibilities.

Individual pension plans (IPPs)

Business owners, entrepreneurs and executives with sufficient income to take advantage of tax deferral dispositions but who do not have access to a registered group pension plan.


An estate bequeathed by a deceased person and administered by an executor.


An entity administered by a trustee to which assets have been transferred to achieve a specific purpose.

In trust

In trust accounts provide an alternative for clients who would like to open a brokerage account in favour of a minor. This type of account is generally open by parents for the benefit of their minor child.


A legal entity created by an agreement between two or more people (natural or legal): a limited partnership (L.P.), a general partnership (G.P.) or a limited liability partnership (L.L.P).

Investment club

A group of individuals who agree, under the terms of an agreement, to pool their expertise and funds to jointly manage their investments.


A group of persons who agree to pursue a common goal other than profit making (e.g., hockey association).

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