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Year-end tax statements mailing schedule

Statement description Statement #
Mailling Target Date
Interest and dividends  RL-3, T5 slips February 24, 2017
Capital distributions  RL-16, T3 slips March 20, 2017
Trading Summary R18, T5008 slips February 17, 2017
RRSP withdrawals RL-2, T4RSP slips  January 30, 2017
RRSP contributions  Contribution notice  January 13, 2017
RRIF/LIF withdrawals  RL-2, T4RIF slips  January 30, 2017
RESP withdrawals  RL-1, T4A slips  January 30, 2017
Stock Savings Plan (SSP II)  RL-7 slip February 17, 2017
 Non-resident (RRIF)
NR4 slip 
January 30, 2017
Non-resident (LIF)  NR4 slip  February 10, 2017

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