Recognia, a useful tool to confirm your investment decisions

With so many options, selecting the right investment solutions can be a challenge for independent investors. Markets are constantly changing, leading to uncertainty concerning when to sell and when to buy. Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, Recognia can assist you in your investment decisions. 

An effective tool for a complementary approach

Recognia is an interactive technical analysis tool that automatically identifies technical events related to fluctuations in Canadian and U.S. stocks and indexes.

When it comes to investing, technical analysis and fundamental analysis are the two main schools of thought. Proponents of each type of analysis often do not give credence to the benefits of the other approach. However, arguments can be made in favour of both approaches. Even if you are a proponent of fundamental analysis, using Recognia to carry out a technical analysis can help you make investment choices. 

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are actually complementary and one approach does not preclude the other. In fact, many people find it prudent to crosscheck the results of one type of analysis against the results of the other. By doing this, you can validate your investment decisions, decide whether more research is necessary, or even change your mind and try out another strategy. 

Demystifying technical analysis

How do you evaluate your investment decisions with Recognia? Log into your account via the National Bank Direct Brokerage website, click on Tools – Technical Analysis and select the Overview tab to see the day's bullish and bearish events. This information can help you identify new trading opportunities. You will then be able to determine which one of those signals are right for you and continue your analysis and decide whether you want to carry out a transaction.

You can also use the Technical Event Lookup tab to search for a ticker symbol, and Recognia will display recent technical events. A technical event can indicate the probability that a stock will increase or decrease in value, helping you decide whether you should buy or sell. You don't need knowledge of technical analysis to use this tool: Recognia performs the calculations and highlights relevant bullish and bearish events. 

Recognia allows you to: 

  • Verify upward and downward market trends (Overview tab)
  • Identify new investment opportunities (Overview tab – Key Ideas section) 
  • Screen the markets based on your technical requirements (Event Screener tab)
  • View technical graphs 
  • Receive alerts (Alerts tab)
  • Learn more about technical analysis (Education tab)

Find out more about Recognia

For more information on Recognia, consult the Education tab. Through this tab, you can view a complete list of Technical EventsTM and their significance or consult a glossary of technical analysis terms.  

Whether you already use Recognia or want to learn how, we encourage you to visit our website and sign up for one of the seminars explaining our tools for independent investors. They will help you learn more about how this tool works and its many features. The seminars will be available again this spring, so watch our calendar for the dates! 

Contact a National Bank Direct Brokerage representative at 1-800-363-3511 if you need any assistance with Recognia. 

Recognia is one tool among others that you can use in your decision-making process. Recognia makes no recommendations to buy or sell.  You remain responsible for determining whether or not the transaction you wish to perform is appropriate for you.

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