A word from the president

At National Bank Direct Brokerage, customer experience is one of our top priorities.

From the moment you open your account and throughout your journey as an investor, our team of experts, who are passionate about online brokerage, is dedicated to provide you support with accessible, flexible and professional services.

We are proud to offer a wide range of services designed to both support autonomous investors with the digital management of their portfolios and help them to enhance their financial knowledge.

Because technology, markets and our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, the team at National Bank Direct Brokerage, who is committed to customer satisfaction, work diligently to ensure that our products and services are at the cutting edge of technology.

Whether you are an active investor in financial markets, an investor focused on long-term approach or a young investor who is building savings, our team of experienced representatives is dedicated to serving you. With National Bank Direct Brokerage, you're never on your own.

Laurent Blanchard 
President of National Bank Direct Brokerage 

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