Education Centre

Learning path for self-directed investors who want to know more about financial markets and investing

To Help you Along the Way

National Bank Direct Brokerage has put together a list of documents to help you implement judicious investment strategies. You can consult them under the “Research and Analysis” tab that is available once you are logged into your secure access.

Step: Read the market forecasts

NBF Documents:

  • Hot Charts
  • Economic News
  • Currency Commentary
  • Monthly equity monitor
  • Monthly fixed income monitor
  • Monthly economic monitor
  • Weekly economic letter
  • Vision Monthly (regroups le Monthly equity, fixed income and economic monitor)
  • Economic and financial outlook
  • Budget analysis

Morningstar Documents:

  • Sector reports
  • Industry focus articles

Step: Choose your investment products

NBF Documents:

  • Company snapshot
  • NBF Stock List
  • Daily Bulletin
  • Research Flash
  • ETF Research
  • Weekly economic letter
  • Week at a glance

Morningstar Documents:

  • Stock Analyst research reports
  • Stock data tear sheet
  • ETF research report
  • Canada Core and Income select lists
  • Large Cap US Core and Large Cap Global Core equity select lists
  • ETF select list
  • Stock Weekly highlights

Step: Evaluate and optimize your strategy

NBF Documents:

  • Economic Calendar
  • Technical Analysis
  • NBF Action list quarterly update
  • ETF Research
  • Weekly economic letter
  • Week at a glance
  • Market Review

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