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Managing your Portfolio

An investment portfolio is your own personal array of securities. It can contain similar asset classes (e.g., stocks) or a combination of products (e.g., stocks, bonds or exchange-traded funds).

Each type of securities has its unique characteristics that allow you to tailor your investment strategy to your needs for capital preservation and growth, in different proportions depending on your objectives. In order to select the investments that best suit your situation, it is essential that you begin the process by defining your investor profile. This profile is based on a series of factors that are unique to your situation. It allows you to determine the optimal asset mix that will guide you towards your goals, within the timeframe you have to achieve them.

Do not forget that your investor profile can – and will – evolve over time, and that it can vary depending on your projects. That is why it is recommended to review your profile with each new project you have, and therefore ensure that your investment strategy is synchronized to the changing seasons of your life.

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