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Recognia Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recognia?

NBDB offers you Recognia wich will get you access to premium analytics from the global leaders in Technical and Quantitative analysis. Technical Insight combines technical analysis with fundamental strategies, providing all types of investors and traders with actionable trade ideas, idea validation and risk management.

To access the tool simply click on Tools tab and then on Recognia.

How do I receive alerts for the technical events that I have chosen?

Alerts on your selected events that mark the occurrence of specific situations based on the principles of technical analysis are sent to you by email.

Where can I learn more about technical analysis?

Recognia provides an integrated education center in this tool.

This tool offers comprehensive training on:

  • The classical technical analysis
  • Short-term Technical Analysis
  • Indicators
  • Oscillators

The teaching material that is in the education center can be shared by email or even converted to .PDF file to allow you to save the documentation.

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