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Decision-Plus Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Decision Plus products?

MarketVisionPlus and TraderPlus will have to be downloaded to a computer. For the steps, please contact the Decision-Plus IT helpdesk at (514) 392-1366 or 1 877 392-1366.

To access MarketGurus.TV, simply go to the following web page:

How do I get my access to Decision Plus tools?

In order to get your access codes, it is mandatory to contact a technical support representative.

Please contact the Decision-Plus IT helpdesk at (514) 392-1366 or 1 877 392-1366.

I previously had access to Decision-Plus products in the past and I wish to reactivate them. Can I keep the same access codes?

Yes, upon reactivation of a Decision Plus product, you will be able to keep the same user ID and password.

What markets do I have access to in the Decision-Plus products?

Decision-Plus products gives you access to the key Canadians and US markets.

Is it possible for me to check the quotations on the Vancouver market through Decision-Plus products?

Yes, it is possible to check the quotations on the Vancouver market. To add this market, contact one of our technical service representatives. Extra fees may be applicable.

Is it possible to have real-time quotes with Decision-Plus?

Yes, the real-time quotes are available directly on MarketVisionPlus and TraderPlus.

I installed MarketVisionPlus and / or TraderPlus but I do not see real-time quotes.

In order to have access to real-time quotes, you need to accept the legal agreements, which are available on the Decision Plus website. To access it, you must click on the following link:

Legal agreements

Is it possible for me to trade through the Decision Plus platforms?

In order to trade, it is mandatory to go through the NBDB trading platform.

I already have a Decision-Plus product and I want to add a second one. Will I obtain a new user ID and password?

No, when you add new Decision Plus products, the user ID and password will stay the same.

From this link, it is necessary to include the user ID and password to gain access to the legal agreements.

How does the billing process work?

Billing is based on the number of monthly transactions made on stocks and options. In addition, billing takes into account the number of transactions carried out in the roots grouped under a single user ID. For more details, please visit the following link: 

Pricing - Trading Platforms

Is it possible for me to enjoy Decision-Plus products for free?

To get a Decision-Plus product for free, it is necessary to perform a certain minimum of transactions during the month. For more details, please consult the following link:

Pricing - Trading Platforms

I want to unsubscribe temporarily (or permanently) from Decision-Plus products next month. What should I do to avoid being charged?

It is mandatory to call us during our business hours, no later than the last business day of the month to avoid billing for the following month.

Is it possible for me to use Decision-Plus on my tablet or my smartphone?

Only can be accessed on a tablet or smartphone.

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