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Book value

What is the book value?
The book value is the amount paid to purchase units or shares of a position that you currently hold in your account including commissions fees associated. It corresponds to the total quantity of shares multiplied by their average unit cost.

The book values of your positions are available on our transactional site as well as on your portfolio statement.

Can this information be used for tax purposes?
The book value information that we provide you with are for information purposes only.  You can use the trade confirmations, portfolio statements and Trading Summary for tax purposes, but you must first make sure that the information provided on these documents is correct.
What happens if the book value is unknown?
In this case, the book value is determined based on the market value.  This situation can occur when positions are transferred from another institution.
Where can I find the information needed to modify the book value?

The information can be found on your trade confirmations, your portfolio statements and on the Trading Summary.

What happens if I do not have the necessary information to determine the book value of my investments?

You can call our Investor Services, a representative will assist you in finding and sending you the necessary documents. Administrative fees may apply.

Upon receipt of the documents, simply fill out the Book Value Form and send it back to us by mail or fax with supporting proof, if required.

In what situations is proof required to change the book value?

Proof is required to justify the book value adjustment if the change is made in a registered account.  For book value adjustments in your non-registered accounts, proof is not required.

I made a mistake when I sent my Book Value Form; can I correct it?

Absolutely! You are entirely responsible for the accuracy of the book value information you provide us with. As such, if you notice an error, it is important to let us know as soon as possible.

To do so, all you have to do is send us a completed and signed Book Value Form (by mail or fax), along with the relevant documents proving the change, if required. Acceptable documents include trade confirmations, portfolio statements and Trading Summaries. We must obtain a signed and duly completed Book Value Form in order to make the modification.

It is important to keep your originals and send us copies. If you send us originals, please note that they will not be returned to you.

Which book value should I indicate if I paid different prices for the same security?

If you have purchased a security at different prices, the book value is the average purchase price for this holding.

Why is the book value of my mutual fund wrong?

Mutual fund data is provided by each mutual fund company. If there is an error, please send us a signed and duly completed Form so that we may make the necessary corrections.

Why is the book value of my holdings not available (N/A)?

If we have no book value for a security, we will use its current market value in order to estimate its book value.  For various reasons, it may not be possible to determine the market value.  In this case, a N/A value will be displayed.

Will I have the opportunity to provide my book value when I deposit a share certificate?

At any time, you may modify the book value of your holdings. When depositing a share certificate at a National Bank branch, all you have to do is sign and fill out the Book Value Form and include it with your request.

I have recently transferred my stocks from another institution, and I noticed that the book value indicated on my account statement does not match my calculations. Why?

We display the value that was provided by the other institution and there is no way for us to know if the information is accurate or not.

To rectify this situation, all you have to do is fill out, sign and return the Book Value Form by mail or fax, along with the copies of the documentation proving the change, if required.

I just transferred my National Bank stocks that were held in my personal cash account to my other cash account that I have with my spouse. Why have I lost my book value?

From a fiscal standpoint, this transaction is deemed to have changed ownership – in other words, it is considered a disposition. We must carry out the transfer at market value, which will become the book value in the new account.

Please refer to an accountant to validate the tax effect related to this operation.

I held 100 shares of National Bank in my account at a unit cost of $30. I deposited a certificate of 250 shares, and sold 150 of them the next day. Will my book value be calculated?

The book value will be calculated in your brokerage account by factoring in the average price of your shares. In most cases, in a share deposit, securities are deposited at the current market value. This means that the system calculates an average value considering the 100 shares already in the account and the 250 deposited shares. In most cases, this will create a book value that is not representative of the real book value.

In such instances, all you have to do is send us a signed and duly completed Book Value Form, along with required proving documents for us to make the change.

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