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October 2016 Macro Forecast and Free Learning Program

Free access to their monthly macro forecast – October edition

Are you asking yourself:

  • What are the current market conditions?
  • What technical signals should I look for?  
  • How are the corporate fundamentals?  
  • Where are the stocks, bonds, dollar, oil and gold going?

Join Patrick Ceresna CMT CIM DMS, Chief Derivative Market Strategist of Learn To Trade Global as he puts into context the current macro conditions.  

Watch free recording from their live event broadcasted October 2016

Watch now!

Acquiring new trading knowledge starts now!

National Bank Direct Brokerage is proud to offer free access to an exclusive video series created by Learn to Trade Global.

This program is divided in 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Below, you will find a free access link to the beginner level entry videos. This series focuses on creating a solid base for new investors while also helping seasoned investors get back to basics.
  • Part 2: By following this link to the Learn to Trade Global website, you will get instant access to the second series of videos. Upon free registration, you will be able to watch the intermediate level videos. Focus will be put on the use of options in portfolios. Plus watch their free 2016 Market Forecast.
  • Part 3: By subscribing to this paid program, registrants will have access to the advanced video series, as well as a 3 month mentoring program provided by Learn to Trade Global.

Workshops, videos and the 2016 Market Forecast are provided by Learn to Trade Global. The information contained does not constitute advice or a recommendation by National Bank Direct Brokerage or Learn to Trade Global in respect of the investment in financial instruments.
National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. National Bank Direct Brokerage offers no advice and makes no investment recommendations.  The client alone is responsible for the financial and fiscal consequences of his or her investment decisions.  National Bank Direct Brokerage is Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

Videos - Part 1: Beginner level videos

Video subjects

  • Myths and Misconceptions about Trading and Investing for Yourself (coming soon)
  • Managing a Self Directed RRSP and TFSA (coming soon)
  • Videos - Part 2: Intermediate Level Videos
    Follow this link to the Learn to Trade Global website to have acces to the second series of videos.

    Video subjects

    • Using options to manage risk
    • Option strategies for your RRSP and TFSA
    • Building an Income Portfolio (coming soon)
    • Using Options for Leverage (coming soon)
    • Understanding the math in options (coming soon)
    • Understanding options Greeks (coming soon)
    Videos - Part 3: Advanced videos and mentoring program

    By subscribing to this paid program, registrants will have access to the advanced video series, as well as a 3 month mentoring program provided by Learn to Trade Global.

    Video subjects:

    • Using High Delta options to replicate Stock Ownership
    • Learning to Use Options for Income
    • Using Puts to Lock in Profits
    • Risk and Money Management

    Mentoring program:

    Login twice a month with all of the Learn to Trade Global program subscribers and receive mentoring on how to trade the markets. This is the perfect opportunity to review your trades to determine those which were successful and those which were not. Get mentoring from market professionals in order to help you improve your trading.


    Obtain a free 3 months trial access to


    $200 CAN plus taxes - for a 3 month access to the advanced videos and to the mentoring program.

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